Early and Late Happy Hour

Happy Hour at the Bar!!! Every night !!!
(5:30 to 7:30 and 9:00 to close)

1/2 off select wines by the glass and draft beer

Moroccan Spiced Olives
preserved lemon + cinnamon stick

Soup of the Day
parmesan crostini

Fried Brussels Sprouts
"buffalo sauce” + blue cheese

Chicken Liver Toast
medjool date jam + walnuts

Pork Meatballs
braised in tomato sauce & whipped ricotta

Sea Cortez Prawn Ceviche
avocado, tomato, corn, jalapeño + tostadas

Carne Cruda
cremini mushrooms, walnuts, egg yolk celery + shaved parmigiano

The MP Double Burger
two grass fed beef patties, aioli, cheddar, lettuce, tomato + onions

Mussels...add fries
shallots, thyme, garlic + white wine

scoop for di late gelato, whipped cream + “intelligentsia” espresso

apple cider glaze, roasted apples, hazelnuts + cinnamon whip cream 


Late Happy Hour Special !!!
(9:00 pm to close at the bar)