Adria blotta


Adria started in the restaurant business serving root beer floats at A&W and running the drive-thru at McDonald’s in the suburbs of Baltimore. Then, after college, a fledgling actress and writer, she found herself in New York City, taking reservations, then coats, then cocktail and finally dinner orders at The River Cafe under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights. After some cinematic success and some stays at other New York stand-bys, she made her way to Los Angeles where she did a lengthy stint at Campanile Restaurant (where she met her partner and husband, Claudio Blotta). The couple opened barbrix restaurant in 2009, Cooks County Restaurant in 2011, then teamed up with barbrix chef Don Dickman to open All’Acqua Restaurant in 2014. Even though her “day-job” turned into a successful career in the restaurant business, she still balances her entertainment industry endeavors with coveted roles Academy Award-winning film and television, and has even garnered multiple awards as a writer, director and filmmaker. She is very glad to partner in yet another venture with Don Dickman as the trio prepares to open, Market Provisions.